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September 10, 2013      No Comments

What do you do to round out a brilliant first year for The Mermaid Club? The answer, we thought, was simple. We launched the International Mermaid Day on September 7th 2014. Thanks to you, it was so successful that we will repeat it on the first weekend of September every year. Coz why not right?

We set out to embrace the wave of enthusiasm that you mermaids have created in making this club what it has become. This meant we were able to set up, via our amazing network of Mermaid Club Ambassadors, ‘meet-ups’ all over the world as well as many of you participating alone with your badass self or with friends. We had mermaids posting pictures on the day from places as far afield as Australia, Holland, Germany, England, Scotland, Wales and of course the United States of America where the virtual event stretched from the east to west coast. It became a worldwide wave of badassness!
In the weeks leading up to the big day we feverishly worked behind the scenes to make sure the customized #TMC bibs and the ‘super-duper utterly fabulous must have in your collection badass #TMC medals’ would be ready for mailing out to the hundreds of you that registered for the event. And we continued to where massive smiles as we polished and packed those medals for mailing in the days after September 7th. We admit it was a huge undertaking for a small mermaid operation that we are but hey we have Think Big attitude and we wouldn’t change a thing! It was awesome!

It was unbelievable to see the response to this event. We had to close registration a week prior the big day with 350 of you wanting to get involved. Wow! Our chosen charity for the 2014 International Mermaid Day, Make-A-Wish Southern Florida, will be receiving an office visit and check this week for $2,000 thanks to your generosity and belief in what we set out to achieve. So from the bottom of our hearts or should we say fins….thank you.
Here at Mermaid Central in South Florida we held our ‘meet up’ at Anchor Park, Delray Beach. A band of dedicated mermaids and mermen helpers gathered in the dark at 6am to prepare and set up for the event. A news crew from NBC5 interviewed us just before the fun 5k run started proving that interest in what we do is growing. Sponsors, notably Runners Edge Running Store and Fresh Market Delray Beach, supported us in providing lots of goodies for a raffle after the race as well as providing all the usual food and drinks that mermaids need after a race. We thank them all for their support and generosity. We even had a yoga session, hosted by Amy from Open Air Yoga, after the race make sure the mermaids attending were relaxed and stretched out before getting on with their day. We had all bases covered! We were honored to have Make-A-Wish Southern Florida on site too. Joel, our Make-A-Wish baby Justin, and Shelley engaged with us and participated in all the fun, and we were just so pleased that they could spend this day with us.
We were unsure as to how many mermaids would run at the Delray Beach meet up. Our wildest expectations were exceeded as 60 mermaids gathered in the park under the rising morning sun that warmed our fins. We were ready to run the race! The ‘badassness’ even included a sprinkling of mermen too! And you know we love those mermen.

Some mermaids had their little mermaids with them, others wore tutu’s and some wore mermaid costumes. Their smiles lit up the beach road in Delray for the 5K race. Some ran hard and others jogged in celebration of all the work, dedication and fun that goes into becoming a brilliant, beautiful and badass mermaid. Each runner finished the race by breaking the ribbon at the finish line and receiving a ‘wish’. Each mermaid earned that badass bling.

We run, we ride and we swim and many of us juggle this with families, jobs and just life. September 7 2014 was our chance to share the mermaid love and make a wave that seems to be unstoppable.

We hope you love your bling…you know the one ‘you can wear every day of the week’ and that you had as much fun as we did on the day. Seeing your pictures posted for the world to see over the course of a week really gave as a sense of who you are as mermaids. It was so cool and we are honored that you are a part of this club. Mermaids are real and we have no fear of the depth but a great fear of shallow living. You made this day what it was and all we can say is that next year’s event is going to be Bigger, Better and more BADASS.

Much love, many waves
The Mermaid Club

P.S. big hugs to all The Mermaid Club Ambassadors, we are so blessed that you have embraced this club and for what it stands for. Fins up! Special thanks go out to Maikala, Alicia, Lacey and Mark for all they did to help us plan, host and enjoy this brilliant day. We are making waves.

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