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July 1, 2018      No Comments

Whether cycling is a sport, hobby, or both for you, no one can deny the continued growth and excitement for this activity.  Keeping up with the explosion, cycling wear evolves simultaneously in the areas of style, affordability, comfort, fit, and performance technology. This summer, we are honing in the top trends in women’s cycling wear!

From Runway to Cycling Wear

This season, we have spotted plenty of stylish cycling kit designs. From bright florals and electric geometric prints to sleek metallic on black prints.  It’s refreshing to see cycling clothing brands produce some fun and stylish kits outside of the more common color blocking.

The latest out-of-the-box runway inspired designs is the Ascension Kit – Women’s Pro Cycle collection, which includes the jersey and bid. Its design was inspired by the iconic Rocky Mountains while mountain biking in Boulder, Colorado.  We combined our love for the mountains in a subtle form with abstract landscape print trends.

Another kit inspired by high fashion is the Signature Little Black Kit – Pro Cycle (SLBK) collection, which also includes a cycling jersey and bib. Inspired by the iconic “Little Black Dress” for its reputation as a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, the SBLK aims to deliver the ultimate minimal, versatile, and elegant women’s cycling kit. Infused with subtle scales to show your true Mermaid, everyone woman cyclist needs a SBLK when a simple yet bold statement is in order while hitting the bike trails.

Kits that don’t Break the Bank

The demand for affordable kits without compromise on quality goes hand and hand with the increase in adoption of cycling. These days you can find affordable kits in online outlet stores, from wholesaler vendors, as well as in the clearance sections of sporting goods stores. ­We’ve spotted some fun women’s cycling jerseys that range from $65 to $350, and bibs ranging from $80 to $150.  The Mermaid Club offers unique and durable women’s cycling short-sleeve jerseys starting at $80 and bibs at starting $100.

Cycling Jerseys and Bibs to Mix and Match

The secret to maximizing any wardrobe is mixing and matching pieces to create new looks without spending a dime!  For starters, we recommend to break up your kits. Dare to wear your multi print-jersey with a solid-color bib, or vice versa. If you’re feeling extra bold, experiment with matching various shades and patterns.  Keep you cycling look fresh by alternating by pairing monochromatics, neutrals with pops of colors, and mixing contrasting shades.

Comfort and Fit

There a few key factors to consider when seeking a cycling kit that offer the best comfort and fit.  Taking the weather conditions is important as well considering the kind of ride you have in mind, for example an all day performance ride or a race.  All this determines the type of weather resistant material, garment cut, and degree of aero design.

The Mermaid Club’s latest cycling kits are designed for all-day performance under spring/summer weather conditions.  They include chamois pads, made with a brushed polyamide fabric that is wicking and anti-bacterial. The first layer is punching foam to increase breathability. High quality 80G/M2 dense foam with 10mm thickness could meets the daily riding needs with no problems. Delicate sewing make it durable and comfortable.

Latest Cycling Fabric Technology:

The most expensive part of manufacturing a cycling kit is the fabric. The less expensive kits are made with simpler fabrics that may not absorb moisture or sweat as well, while high-end kits are made of premium fabrics that may be especially treated for odor control, sunscreen protection like UPF, include mesh underarms, etc. Our cycling kits are made with anti-uv Italian fabric. This high performance fabric is lightweight, breathable and quick drying, as well as odor and bacterial resistant features.  The kits also feature elastic soft banding, sewing punching pad (for women), and breathable braces.


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