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April 11, 2016      No Comments

Maikala Jewell del Castillo has had a very busy year, note only with working with us at The Mermaid Club but also with work, family and travel, and all that combined put this Mermaid on a track for greatness! We asked Maikala for the deep sea dish on the latest kit, why she created a TMC print and she shares the essential 2016 fashion tips that all Mermaids should know!

What have you been doing with your badass self since designing the last Mermaid Club kit? How has your year been?

This past year has been great with full-time career, family and travel to keep me busy. On the side, contributing to 2015 IMD’s amazing success and getting the creative juices going for TMC’s new kit have served as creative outlets!

Any essential 2016 fashion tips you have for the mermaid nation? What colors should we be sporting?

I am really enjoying the Spring 2016 trends and I don’t discriminate! I’m especially loving ongoing 90’s revival (crop tops with skirts, bomber jackets, etc.), the 70’s inspired suede look (fringes and all!), and the floral and ruffle inspired Victorian look (especially the off-the-shoulder thing). Color wise, you’ll find me either sporting pops of color (tangerine, buttercup yellow and flash pink), as well as calming colors (desert peaches, turquoise, and neutrals). As for the 2016 TMC kit, we clearly leaned towards the bright pops of colors!

Jersey Front

What was your inspiration that went into designing the new 2016 tri and cycling kits?

Since last year’s design was very brand-oriented, we decided that for this year’s kit, to deviate in the form of bold colors and adding multiple prints, while visually maintaining the TMC brand awareness. That said, we wanted to unleash every woman’s badass, sexy, and fun mermaidness, version 2.0!!

We see you created a fabulous print for the Mermaid Club. What can we expect to see using this print?

I was particularly inspired to develop the TMC print in same manor many fashion houses have done (Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc.). If you look closely, you’ll see I incorporated the key elements that define TMC: fins, emoji “heart n’ drops” (stands for “Live Life Make Wave”), waves, and the “mermaid”. I got cross-eyed a few times, but at the end of the day, am very proud of the final product. As for the “Live Life Make Waves” graffiti print, this was all Helena’s vision. If I had to put money on it, I would say she was strictly aiming for a “badass” effect, HA! We are excited about incorporated both prints throughout other gear we have in the works, including running gear, visors, T’s, etc., so stay tuned!

Why did you choose Wattie Ink  as the vendor for the new 2016 tri and cycling kits? How was the experience?

We have always loved what Wattie brings to the table in terms of design, and their gear’s fit and performance, and outstanding quality, so it was a no-brainer to go with them. Working with them was seamless – we provided a sketch of our “vision” and a few art files, and they immediately translate it with minimal tweaks in between.

Any dream projects you’d like to take on?

I’d like to see TMC gear expand to other active wear – like yoga and casual gear, and that’s just for starters. My vision is for Mermaids to rock chic TMC street wear (skirts, scarfs, dress, leggings, more Ts, and accessories).

I really hope everyone loves the new 2016 cycling and triathlon kit, it’s definitely worth missing a few Starbucks for!

Love Maikala xo

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