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March 2, 2016      No Comments

So our unofficial motto for 2016 is ‘GO BIG or GO HOME’ and that stems from the drive to really ‘Make Waves’ this year and make things happen! With that being said we are SO excited to kick off the season with our 2016 “Live Life Make Waves” Triathlon and Cycling Kit.

Designed by our good friend and fellow Mermaid, Maikala Jewell, and powered by Wattie Ink, we cannot wait to train and race in this kit!

These kits are, without a doubt, what we are calling the ‘little black dress’ of triathlon and cycling. Why? This week we held a Mermaid Club Fit Kit party in Boca Raton, South Florida. We gathered about 15 mermaids to try the kit on for size and give their honest opinion on the product ranging from quality, fabric, functionality and design. Any excuse for a party right?

Every women who went off into the changing room, came back with that face. You know the face, the one you have when you try on a little black dress and find it fits perfectly. That face that does a double take in the mirror, checks out her rear end, and thinks ‘damn I look good’. That face that says I am ready to take on my Friday night and win! That face that is satisfied and content with all she is, a badass Mermaid who looks amazing and is amazing!  We are serious! Each women had that face when they strutted their ‘fins’ across the room in the kit.  The feedback was positive!

Made right here in the USA, our favorites on the kits include…

  • The longer cycling sleeve….slick and streamlined. Nothing pleases us more to know that we can now wear arm sleeves and not have arm fat hanging out because the cycling sleeve is too short.
  • The shorts offer a soft waistband which can be folded over depending how you like to wear your shorts and how much waist you want to show off.
  • The tri top has a ‘gripper’ sew in around the bottom which means your top stays in place around your waist – no more wrestling with your top to stop it from rolling up during your race.
  • The tri top is super flattering around the neck line and shoulders, and cinches you in at the waist giving you that curvy and sexy shape.
  • The pockets in the back of the tri top have plenty of room for your smart phone, your fuel and any other smaller items you may require on your long training days, and the items won’t fall out!
  • No sausage legs on the tri short or cycling short!
  • The Italian imported fabric is amazing to the touch and feels really good on, no joke!

And we haven’t even started to talk about the design!

For 2016 we wanted to flip everything we knew in 2015 and do something completely different. We changed our signature Green Fin to Pink COZ WHY NOT, and we created a new TMC print which you will see on up and coming products. Maikala really did hit a home run with the print. If you look closely, you will see our heart and water drops which represents Living Life, Making Waves, a Wave, and a Mermaid and of course our ‘TMC’ logo. We wanted something sassy, something bright, something modern, and something fun! We sketched it out, offered our concepts and ideas, and Wattie Ink brought it to life.

We shall be taking orders on the kit between now and Saturday, March 26. As these are custom kits, they will not be available in stock so if you are tempted to order, don’t delay! After the order close date they take about 6 weeks to print and distribute.

We really hope you like the kit as much as we do.

Fins up Mermaids!

Much love, many waves

Helena xo

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