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May 20, 2017      No Comments

The Mermaid Club is proud to announce their Fourth Annual International Mermaid Day! Yeah Mermaids are so damn cool and badass that we deserve our own special day. Coz why not?!

What is the International Mermaid Day Virtual 5k Run, Swim or Bike?

As Mermaids, we all put in a lot of distance running or swimming or cycling preparing for 5Ks run or swims, 10Ks runs or swims, half marathons, marathons, 50k, 62 mile bike rides and even 100 miles on foot or on the bike, so why not use some of your training yards, meters and get yourself some awesome Mermaid Club bling to add to that collection of yours. We should be celebrating all of our training days – each day we train it should remind us that we are on a journey to something great and that we can motivate each other to ultimately Life Live and Make Waves.

This virtual 5k run, swim or bike event can be any distance you wish to obtain and while the International Mermaid Day falls on Saturday, September 3, 2017, you can opt to run, swim or bike your distance on any date that week, with your choice of location, rain or shine.

Register Now!

Are you a Mermaid?

Our mission is simple: to inspire and empower women around the world to live life and make waves.

Mermaids are passionate, strong, fearless women who have no fear of the depths but a great fear of shallow living.

This event is for everyone, all ages. Merman also welcome!

For more information please go to Runsignup.com

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