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May 22, 2016      No Comments

“Better to have and not need than to need and not have.”

Great advice my dad has always told me and on May 7th, 2016 I wish I had heeded these words.

I never thought I would be saying “I did not finish my race”. I have completed 5 Iron distance races, more 70.3’s and lots of Olympic and Sprint distance races. I have been competing in Tri’s since 2003 and have coached athletes in all of these distances. So what happened at St. George 70.3? I was prepared, but I was not over prepared. I borrowed compact cranks, used a climbing cassette, had my bike tuned up, borrowed arm warmers, toe covers, throw away gloves, neoprene swim cap and booties and brought a jacket for the bike, in addition to warm clothes for the run. I trained in the hills, on the course on the Computrainer, in the ocean and in the pool. I took my recovery product, took naps and dialed in my nutrition. I started paying attention to my Garmin again. I was prepared but I was not over prepared. The morning of the race temps were high 40’s/ low 50’s and cloudy. Very cloudy. I remained optimistic it would turn sunny, as race reports and friends who completed this race talked about it being cold on the swim and start of the bike but hot as a Florida summer day on the run in previous years. Well, Momma Nature had other ideas for St. George. The sun never came and it started to rain as I got on my bike, dressed in my 3 layers, toe covers and gloves. I was prepared but at mile 15 of the bike I realized not being over prepared would lead to my demise. After 20.2 miles, my race was over due to hypothermia.

So, I have resolved to have and not need rather than need and not have! To that end, I will begin looking for bargains on gear for ALL types of weather. As we head into summer, it may be a great time to pick up winter gear and then put aside for just in case. We cannot control the circumstances we are faced with, we can only control how we react to them!

Fins up!

Mimi xo

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