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Who Are We?

Our mission is simple: to inspire and empower women around the world to live life and make waves.

Mermaids are passionate, strong, fearless women who have no fear of the depths but a great fear of shallow living.

Our Strengths

Our Aim
We design products that support women in their athletic and daily lifestyle endeavors.  Our sports apparel is carefully crafted to deliver comfort, fit, and performance.  Our lifestyle apparel offers unique, fun and stylish creations suitable for any casual to active occasion.
Founded in 2013 by Helena Redshaw, partly as a celebration of her own journey from being a spectator at the London Marathon to becoming a competitor in marathons and triathlons, The Mermaid Club takes its name from her nick name and also as a nod to one of her favorite play writers, Shakespeare. Helena learned to swim at the age of 40 after which she was christened the ‘Running Mermaid’. And the link to Shakespeare? Well, he is British and so is she. Shakespeare was supposedly involved in a sixteenth century club that saw writers of the time ‘inspire’ each other which came to be known as The Mermaid Club. There is no doubt that he ‘made waves’ and this is exactly what The Mermaid Club seeks to do – inspire and motivate.